10337737_10152143798166627_5954784128805034471_nWhile we already know that everyone loves KCSB, we now have the chance to make it official!

For your ballot to count, you must fill in 20 categories. It takes less than 5 minutes and you’ll find the radio category on page 12.

The voting deadline is 5pm on Wednesday, August 13th

VOTE HERE: http://www.independent.com/best-of-readers-poll-14/

10 Reasons Why KCSB Rocks – (Courtesy DJ Darla Bea)

  1. No commercials, period.

  2. Radio that thinks for itself, brought to you by living breathing DJs 24/7

  3. We showcase fresh emerging talent as well as independent artists

  4. We’re student-run and open to the entire community

  5. We keep you in the know and get you in the show: KCSB is your source for local events and ticket giveaways

  6. We champion underreported news stories, sports coverage, an cultural arts programs

  7. We spin vinyl

  8. We rock interviews and live jams

  9. We are a reliable news source during local emergencies

10. We provide YOU with free training in the fundamentals of broadcasting

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