Of his next broadcast, host Dick Flacks writes, “This week on the radio we observe two centenaries. The Woody Guthrie @100 fest continues with big concerts in Brooklyn and DC in these weeks. A new album: Pete Seeger Remembers Woody (Appleseed Records) has just been released. It features Pete talking about and reflecting on his partnership with Guthrie and offering some revealing memories. We’ll sample from this 2 CD release. This year marks another big centenary: the sinking of the great ship Titanic. That disaster inspired much culture–film of course, and books, and also a lot of songs. The most recent has just been released by Woody’s ‘son’ Bob Dylan on his new album called ‘The Tempest.’ And a new Woody compilation features his singing of one of the classic Titanic songs. So we’ll hear these offerings this week, plus a raft of other songs that the sinking of the great ship inspired at the time and since.”

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