Woody Birthday Bash: #104

It’s time for the annual Woody Guthrie birthday Culture of Protest show which this week streams live on the actual date of birth (7/14). One amazing thing—each year we are able to play NEW Woody songs even though he died 49 years ago. Because Nora Guthrie regularly gives access to the vast archive of Woody lyrics to musickers who make songs from them. This year there’s something very special and important: Woody’s song “Old Man Trump” exposing the racism of his landlord in 1950 in NY, Donald Trump’s father, Fred.
The poem’s been set to music by several songwriters—most notably in a performance by Ryan Harper, Tom Morello and Ani DiFranco. Meanwhile, bluegrass legend Del McCoury recently released an album with 12 Woody lyrics he set to music, We’ll not neglect hearing from Woody himself—and from son Arlo, whose birthday is July 10. Hope you listen!

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