Of tonight’s broadcast (Thursday, October 13), “Culture of Protest” host Dick Flacks writes:

“This week’s program will be a conversation with Rand Clark, recently returned from Israel and the West Bank. Rand Clark has committed himself to challenging some prevailing understandings of the situation there, and wants to talk about some largely unnoticed matters: 1. The continuous occurrence of Palestinian dispossession, from 1948 until the present 2. The growth and success of nonviolent resistance, particularly the inclusion of Israelis and Internationals in actions 3. The myth of Israel being ‘Jewish and democratic’ versus the reality of pervasive discrimination of Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.

Rand Clark is a longtime Santa Barbara resident with a long history of involvement with progressive political organizations. He is past Board President of the Fund for Santa Barbara and has worked nationally with ACORN, among other organizations.The father of two adult children, Rand works for a software company and commutes by bicycle from his Westside home to Goleta. He is active on the Israel/Palestine issue because of his strong commitment to justice, fairness and equality. As an American Jew, he feels drawn to the Israel-Palestine issue because US money funds Israel and the Occupation, and because Israel claims to act in the name of all Jewish people.”

“Culture of Protest” airs on Thursdays in the Fall from 6-7pm.