winter-2010-livewire_r140x140In his latest KCSBeat column, Colin Marshall takes a look at the resurrection of Livewire, KCSB’s very own zine. After having fallen out of publication for more than 15 years, it’s been brought back to life with a whole new style by the current station staff:

While the retro, do-it-yourself aesthetic is certainly inexpensive, it’s also pretty advantageous in this new print media landscape. As the much-discussed large-scale fragmentation and multiplication of media outlets continues apace, opportunities open up for creators to try things new and different, or, in Livewire‘s case, partially new and partially old, but definitely out of the ordinary. The migration of what’s best expressed on the Internet to the Internet leaves open a space for the adventurous to explore what’s still best expressed in print.

“Half the content has very little to do with KCSB or radio in general,” writes Redman in her front-page introduction to this Winter 2010 issue, “but it is all very interesting.” And indeed, eclecticism does appear to be the order of the quarter. KCSB’s weekly schedule? That’s to be expected. A calendar of upcoming concerts? Also pretty standard in for local-radio publications. Personal stories of collecting classic punk vinyl? Not too big a surprise. But poetry? An anonymous tale of music turning out to be the salvation of an extremely troubled life? A history of attempts at U.S. health care reform? Someone called “Dray” interviewing himself? Things are pointed in a different direction than they were in the Livewire’s previous iteration, that’s for sure.

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