kscbeatspring1In his latest KCSBeat column for the Santa Barbara Independent, Colin Marshall talks with Program Director Ariana Dumpis about the construction of the fresh new spring programming schedule:

Dumpis likened the process to putting together a puzzle, though it’s a puzzle with the added challenge of a ticking clock. A mere four days after all the paperwork is filed, the complete schedule must be posted on the station’s lobby window. While the collective puts in a solid five hours or so of preparatory work beforehand, the brief window of time that follows is dominated by calling DJs who have filled out their proposals incorrectly or forgotten them entirely, and putting heads together for two separate five-hour meetings to figure out what should broadcast when.

Some elements of the schedule fall into place with relative ease, while others demand extended finesse and fiddling to lock into place. Certain programs, venerable KCSB institutions, simply remain in the same time slot they’ve occupied for the past decade or more. Brand new programs tend to fall into the wee hours, between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., colloquially known as the “graveyard” but really more of a place where KCSB shows are born and their voices found. More trickily, some programmers incur slight changes in their availability, or the amount of time they’d like to spend broadcasting each week changes, or they’re tired of one slot and want another.

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