In view of Cathy Murillo’s decision to run for Santa Barbara City Council, she has been relieved of all responsibility for and access to KCSB News gathering and production beginning in March 2011 and continuing indefinitely. She has been reassigned to non-media special projects for Associated Students. Associate News Director, Stefany Viesca along with former Associate News Directors Jordan Katz and Daniel Alvarenga have assumed responsibility for the News Department and should be contacted at 805 893 2426 or via email at regarding any news events.

KCSB is a Non-Commercial Educational FM radio station and as such endorses no candidates for any electoral body. It does accept statements from candidates for airplay observing the Federal Communications Commission rules regarding equal access for all candidates as requested.

Note: Due to the sensitive internal nature of this matter, we have disabled comments for this particular article. For any comments, questions, or for further information, please contact Elizabeth Robinson, Associate Director for Media, Associated Students, 805 893-3921.