ray-ramos-jr-at-the-mic_r140x140This week in The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall’s Santa Barbara Independent column on the multifaceted goings-on of KCSB, DJ Ray Ramos of Friday night’s legendary Jammin’ a Little Old School is profiled:

Collecting nonstop since high school, Ramos has amassed a collection of over 2,000 vinyl albums, which he burns to CDs to play on his show. The night I sat in, he brought what I thought were two large binders of discs, but later, Reynoso showed up packing an absolutely gigantic case containing a seemingly endless variety of all the artists I know and love and many others besides. From this impressive selection — one that represented only a fraction of his entire collection — Ramos spun a wealth of material from the Chi-Lites, Cashmere, Slapback, Con Funk Shun, Slave, the Crown Heights Affair, and more.

Surprisingly, after almost 35 years, Ramos still regularly unearths old school jams hitherto unknown to him. Old school, it seems, is like some sort of magical natural resource: Despite being produced for only a relatively brief period, its well never runs dry. Ramos still makes his regular trips down to L.A., checking in with his usual record shops and contacts, always finding something new. But at his level, old school collecting can be a pricey, competitive game. “I have this dude in L.A. who hooks me up with the good stuff,” he said, “but I don’t tell anyone about him.”

Read all about Ramos, his crew and his music here.