In 1996, a compact two-story apartment on the 6500 block of Sabado Tarde, in Isla Vista, became known as The Pickle Patch. A hardcore/”positive” punk and indie-rock performance venue, it relocated briefly to a former fraternity house, and then called it a night in 2001.

The Pickle Patch in Isla Vista, CA - CLICK TO ENLARGE

The Pickle Patch in Isla Vista, CA – CLICK TO ENLARGE

On the next “The Freak Power Ticket,” producer/host Ted Coe explores The Pickle Patch’s sounds and stories during his Monday morning broadcast, September 2nd, 10am-12noon.

This tale features such notable figures as “electro house” musician, former member of This Machine Kills, and Dim Mak Records label founder Steve Aoki; acts such as Jimmy Eat World, At the Drive-in, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), The Locust, and Michael Franti; Ebullition Records mainstays (and Goleta’s own) Lisa Oglesby, Brett Hall, and Kent McClard; and special-guest host (and former KCSB programmer) Andres Fraire.

Andres Fraire & Steve Aoki

Andres Fraire & Steve Aoki

Andy not only co-hosted shows at this local space, he also performed in three local rock bands (Galaxy Drive, The Kimonos, and Fire Next Time) and hosted “The Omission,” a KCSB music-program that is now heard on U.C. San Diego’s online-only radio station KSDT. He’ll be live on the air during his return to the KCSB-FM control room.

The life of the Pickle Patch showspace links up with the story of an entire regional scene. We’ll share musical selections by a handful of the hundreds who shook those rafters. The Pickle Patch itself metamorphosed in some key ways into the venerable Biko Garage, which is part of the Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-Op.

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