As a non-commercial, community radio station, KCSB provides listeners with alternative coverage of news from the Santa Barbara region as well as wider issues impacting the local community. We uncover news stories not reported by the mainstream, commercial news media, focusing on such issues as the affordable housing crisis, threats to the natural environment, and citizen groups working to improve the community. We are a community-access media outlet, and we are constantly training new reporters and program producers. We hold to the philosohpy that people’s stories are best told in their own voices, and we want to bring voices to the mass media that have been ignored, minimized, or distorted in most media outlets. That means we need people of all ages, nationalities, social classes, and gender and sexual identities to get involved at the station reporting on our community. We invite you to contact us to volunteer and to pass on this invitation to those who would benefit from our training and the experience we offer.