This week, The KCSBeat profiles Question Air, Alexander Stork’s Thursday-morning show of conversations with the most fascinating people the UCSB campus has to offer. He and Colin Marshall, who covers all KCSB-related subjects for the Santa Barbara Independent, talk about his inspirations, his interviewing techniques, and his broad intellectual interests:

I always tell everyone that the saddest day of my academic career was when I had to declare a major,” wrote host and producer Alexander Stork in an e-mail conversation. Ultimately giving in to the university’s onerous demand to narrow down to one subject, he graduated with a degree in linguistics. “I had always hoped to take a ‘Renaissance man’ major wherein I would simply pick and choose the most interesting classes on campus. Alas, the College of Letters and Science had other ideas.”

How to spite the administration and keep on pursuing his eclectic scholarly interests? Attending a station meeting, Stork found that KCSB offered a solution. “I looked around the auditorium and realized that 90 percent of the people were planning a music show,” he wrote. “If I wanted to set myself apart (and get a better timeslot), I would have to bring something different to the table.” Formulating ideas for an interview program, he started hunting for interviewees. “I began finding professors by asking friends about their favorite classes. As I had long suspected, it was the professor that made a class interesting, not necessarily the subject matter.”

You can read the whole thing here.