50th Anniversary Reunion

KCSB’s 50th Anniversary Reunion was a great success! Held April 27th-29th (during a time established by the UCSB Alumni Association as “All Gaucho Reunion” weekend), KCSB’s reunion activities were attended by over 200 alumni, guests, staff and volunteers who together represented KCSB’s history from its founding moments in 1961 to the present day. Campus dignitaries were also in attendance including UCSB’s Executive Vice Chancellor Gene Lucas and Associated Students Executive Director Marisela Marquez (also a current KCSB programmer).

Saturday, April 28th saw a full day of reunion activities: much of the station’s history was documented during an alumni history walk and interviews with alumni, as well as through the many pieces of archival audio and print materials submitted by alumni. Alumni programmers also graced the KCSB airwaves from 1-5pm on Saturday , allowing the wider community to enjoy the event. The reunion dinner was also webcasted on kcsb.org, allowing alumni and others from all over the world to participate. The alumni dinner was also a great time for all alumni and others to gather together. Attendees enjoyed delicious food from Del Pueblo Café and drinks provided by La Vie Vineyards and Hearst Ranch Winery. After dinner KCSB Radio Advisor Elizabeth Robinson was honored for her work at the station, and alumni shared their reflections on the value of KCSB. Thank you to all who attended, especially KCSB alumni, and to the volunteers whose concerted work made this reunion possible.


The KCSB Executive Committee and Staff

Audio of Saturday’s Alumni DJ sets can be downloaded here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27301311/Alumni%20DJing%20Full.mp3 (In accordance with DMCA Regulations, this download will be removed on May 31st. Sorry!) (To download, right click or control click the link and select “Save Link As.” Then open the Mp3 File in your preferred music player.)

The complete gallery of photos of the event can be viewed on our Facebook page (facebook.com/kcsb91.9) Please tag yourselves!

Click for photos of; Saturday’s Dinner, the History Walk/Alumni DJing, and Friday Check-in

If you have any photos, video or other documentation of the event, please send them to general.manager@kcsb.org. We would love to post these to our website and keep them for our records.

We are currently working on cataloging and copying all archival material that submitted with the expectation that it be returned in an effort to have it returned to its owners in a timely fashion. If you have any other archival material, we welcome your submissions.

Special thanks to Living History Project Coordinator Mahader Tesfai, Senior Artist Beth Ramone, and Publications Coordinator Andy Doerr (all of UCSB’s Associated Students), The Mercury Lounge, La Vie Vineyards, Hearst Ranch Winery, and the Del Pueblo Café.

View From Above








KCSB News Director Monica Lopez



Past and Present Programmers Chatting Before Dinner



KCSB Programmers







KCSB Programmers Past and Present


Former KCSB Programmers





KCSB Programmers Past and Present










Getting Ready to eat some Delicious Food!

Checking In

Previous KCSB Engineer Bryan Brown


KCSB Alum "Jungle Jim" DJing Live on the Air!

KCSB Alum Djing Live on the Air!

Interviewing KCSB Alumni and Founder Bill Harrison

Chatting in the Courtyard

Checking out Old Schedules and Publications

Schedule for Alumni Djing

Archival Materials