We thank our alumni for sharing their testimonials about KCSB in a recent survey. They are posted here.

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“My college career and my life today would be 100 percent different if I had not met Danny MacLeith and gotten involved with KCSB. I met so many friends, had so many wonderful opportunities, built a resume with experience that I still list today and grew as a person.”
Anna Oleson-Wheeler 2003-2007
KCSB Sports Director 2005-2006

“Set me up professionally for everything that transpired after. Opened me up to new ideas and perspectives. Gave me the training to advocate for a cause I believe in, run a group of volunteers and fund-raise.”
Barbara Jwanouskos 2001-2004
Director of External Music 2003-2004

“KCSB provides the perfect atmosphere to build a community of like-minded people. And that’s really why I was there. I loved the part our show helped play in bringing the underground hip hop community of SB (and further) together.”
Zachary Ingram 2002-2010

“My first show (carrier current to Anacapa Hall) was on Friday mornings from 6 to 9 (I actually have a tape of the show). At 8:50 AM on that first day, Bill Harrison (founding GM) came into the studio, said, ‘It works better with the transmitter turned on’, turned on the transmitter, and walked out. Me and the tape recorder were the only audience for that first ‘broadcast’! I was GM when we moved from the old student union into the University Center.”
Richard Kendall 1963-1967
4th General Manager 1966-1967

“I remember the station to be a fantastic free-for-all but with very capable and disciplined people. We didn’t seem as journalistic as our neighbors at the Daily Nexus, but in fact we were. Many of the other volunteers went on to commercial radio.”
Stuart Wolfe 1983-1987
General Manager 1986-1987

“Had a great time doing both a music show and working in the sports department. I was able to actually work on things that I was passionate about and help others who shared the same passion.”
Nick Pavlatos 1992-1995
Training Director 1994-1995

“A power outage (?) knocked out the transmitter on top of Storke Tower during our pledge drive in 2004. Several of us, including Chief Engineer Bryan Brown, climbed to the top of the tower and worked with a team of programmers down below to hoist a backup dish up the side of the tower. I don’t recall if it was stormy, but it was definitely cold and we worked up a desperate sweat to save as many valuable programming hours as possible.”
Dan MacLeith 2001-2004
Sports Director 2003-2004

“haha WOW so many….I can remember CMJ freaking out because of the way I compiled our top 35…insane amounts of promo swag sent from major labels and my crowning achievement, garnering KCSB it’s first (and only?) gold record for Naughty By Nature’s ‘OPP.’ The song was a TOP 40 chart-topper, but it began as an college radio Hip-Hop smash hit…Interviewing Kurt Cobain on my radio show. Waking him up by calling directly to his hotel room and then him being really cool about it and doing a great interview with me. This was weeks before the release of ‘Nevermind.’”
Monty Luke 1991-1995
Music Director/KJUC Program Director 1992-1994

“I loved that fact that I could play my favorite music and share with the audience. I also enjoyed engineering many live band broadcasts from the studios of KCSB.”
Raul Rico Jr. 1984-1998

“Learning how to push buttons to be heard: my first program was very early in the morning prior to commuter time and I learned that sometimes we have to learn how to push the right buttons to be heard! Which was of course both figuratively true and a truth of the sound board.”
Sudarat Musikawong 1995-1997

“I researched topics, executed productions and co-hosted a weekly radio talk show focusing on global themes (including: war, international affairs, human rights, and environmental issues); edited audio clips, interviews and musical sound bites; conducted on-air interviews with special guests; recorded weekly shows and uploaded shows for podcast; researched and posted pictures/videos related to the show’s weekly themes on the website; maintained Global Voices website at http://ucsbglobalvoices.wordpress.com/”
Joseph Farsakh 2008-2010

“I learned how to create and help others understand issues out in the world.”
Fabienne Boudreau 2003-2005
Associate News Director 2004-2005

“My air name was ‘Jungle Jim’ and for the years of ’69 to ’71, I did an ‘oldies but goodies’ show on Sunday afternoons. It was GREAT fun and we had a huge audience. We also hosted a sock hop at the Old Gym. I also received all of the new records from distributors each week – usually about 100 45s, and would like to all of them. We usually ended up playing a couple, but it was really cool to hear all the new stuff coming out.”
Jim Price 1965-1971
Music Director

“Giddy late night marathon PMRC meetings.”
Greg Hillis 1994-2011

“I was the last Student General Manager, and the first paid General Manager. Every year for the few years preceding my term as General Manager, there was great internal upheaval with the change of management each year. All the programming changed radically, and there was generally a lot of hostility among different factions. The move to paid staff was hoped to provide a little more stability and increase fundraising efforts. The first on-air fundraisers were done under my leadership.”
Mark Weinsoff 1977-1982
General Manager 1980-1982

“In an overnight show our format was 12-2 music to ball by (mostly then current SF sound rock, current pop) Occasionally had live guitar player – only unique anecdote somewhat risqué. 2-3 misc 3-4 ‘3 am Tom Lehrer Break’ Lehrer or anything that would appeal to anyone stoned enough to still be up – we had an extensive library of lps from places like the South African Broadcast Corp. – a favorite for which we got requests was ‘the South African Camel Corps Captures a Submarine’ 4-6 mostly ragas.”
Rob Perelli-Minetti 1969-1971

“I remember being told that your time on ExComm was what you made of it. I think that was true, and I’m glad I made what I did out of my time there — by learning from the staff, DJs, the community, and my fellow ExCommers. My time at KCSB was what lead me to a career in media, and I’m so thankful I was able to have such an enriching experience in college — not your typical internship where you just fetch coffee and make copies.”
Nilagia McCoy 2004-2007
Production Coordinator/Program Director/General Manager 2004-2007

“As a DJ, I was able to connect with the latest in musical styles and talents as well as expose those acts to friends who were not able to listen to KCSB. As Traffic Manager, I was able to interact with the administration and each of the music programmers. I also was exposed to the regulatory needs of the station.”
Chris Ferrante 1989-1992
Traffic 1990-1991

“KCSB was a home for me, a place that allowed me to use my research skills in a new way and to explore aspects of myself that my academic life did not.”
Beth Currans 2002-2007

“There are so many experiences I got at KCSB, even more than those I got in the classroom, many friends from the station and the nexus who I’m still in touch with. I don’t have any thing specific at this moment, but I’ll think of something!”
Marc Brown 1987-1991
Music Director 1988-1991

“When the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office threatened to shut down KCSB during its and Gov. Reagan’s/National Guard’s occupation of Isla Vista, station management locked the doors; I was among several staff members who barricaded ourselves in the studio. Fortunately, Chancellor Cheadle supported KCSB’s first amendment right to freedom of expression. The station remained on the air.”
Jim Unruh 1966-1970

“We were boycotting Pacifica news while I was the Public Affairs Director, so we started our own shoestring news reporting hour. This was during the Second Chechen War and I was so nervous because I could not pronounce the names of many of the cities that were in the news.”
Candice Kim 1997-2002
Public Affairs Director 2000-2001

“The staff retreat was definitely memorable to help acquaint one another. Especially that it was held at a lagoon where the Creature From The Black Lagoon was supposedly filmed. Breaking the ice helped us to be more comfortable with working with each other for the rest of the term.”
Andrew Huang 2004-2007
KJUC Program Director 2005-2006

“Working on a remote broadcast in Isla Vista during riots, on a 2nd floor patio outside a (closed) insurance agency. A sheriff ran up and pointed a shotgun at us and ordered us inside. We showed press badges and explained the door was locked but he kept screaming. Luckily the insurance agent, worried about his office, showed up and let us in. Phew!”
Ann McCreery 1968-1971

“I first got into music listening to KCSB when I was in high school and it has since allowed me to discover and delve ever deeper into the endless world of music! I’m proud and honored to be a part of the station and add to its great history.”
Denver Dale 2007-2011

“We broadcast to the dorms only, and a typical listenership was between 0-10 people at any given time.”
Jay Hinman 1985-1989
KCSB AM Manager 1987-1988

“It helped shape and build tools that I currently use, and built a network that I still use to this day.”
Jonathan Kim 2003-2005
Music Director 2004-2005

“This was the moment where I was most civically engaged. The show began programming right after the 9/11 attacks. I joined a couple of quarters later. It was empowering to interview people like Vandana Shiva, Medea Benjamin, and Holbrooke. I got the sense that we as a movement were educating ourselves and staying connected to one another and movements elsewhere.”
Mark Schuller 2002-2007

“The 1968 Editor of the Daily Gaucho, Richard Zeiger and I redesigned the Storke Communications building room layout to include KCSB, which originally was excluded. We approached Thomas Storke, who donated the funds for the building, and he gave us a letter of support to include KCSB in the building. I visited KCSB in the early 2000’s and was amazed to find my office layout just as designed!”
Tom Adams 1964-1968
General Manager 1967-1968

“I started a fusion jazz show that eventually was copied and called Champagne Jazz by another station in town. I enjoyed receiving complimentary calls on Friday mornings from a regular listener, Tony Bennett.”
Joseph Moris 1974-1977
Business Manager 1975-1977

“Arrested during the IV riots”
Fred Gebhardt 1969-1973
Assistant Director, News & Public Affairs

“I had several musical guests play, those were fun.”
Rossen Gill 2007-2008

“Each year the station managers performed admirably with a diverse staff with special talents. Much more later on this area.”
Joe Kovach 1963-1993
Communications Director 1963-1993

“My dormitory hall mates Stevo and Connor came on my 2AM to 4AM eclectic music show ‘Abstract Your Mother’ and pretended to be a rock band called ‘H & Povitch’ who were there to promote their fictitious album ‘Paper on Fire’. Stevo improvised some chords on his guitar while Connor freestyled random lyrics in true Jim Morrison fashion. Surprisingly, we got many callers that night, including a call from the late great KCSB DJ Mike Petrini who remarked on how great they sounded and asked where he could buy their new record! It was all a big hoax and we had some good laughs. ‘Can’t believe people actually think we’re good!’ But looking back, the improvisations actually sounded great and maybe they should have started a real band after all. Today, Connor is a bartender in New York, Stevo is a documentary film producer, and I am an entertainment lawyer. But at that time, we were just a bunch of college kids looking for ways to express ourselves on FM radio. Who knew so many people would be listening and calling in at the twilight hours. But that’s KCSB for you – eclectic DJs, eclectic audience. Anything goes.”
Armen Boyajian 2002-2004

“Regular check -ins and commensurate rantings from Dave From The Grave!”
Aaron Jones 2001-2006

“It was so much fun being on the radio! I loved being able to play my favorite genres and source new music to share with the community…I even received letters from inmates at Lompoc Penitentiary thanking me for bringing them ska, reggae and punk rock!”
Adam Korn 1993-1997

“During my time at KCSB-FM (It was 91.5 back then) Herbie Hancock came to town for a concert at Campbell Hall. (I still have the concert poster for that show!) Tickets were $4.50/students $5.50 general admission. Cheap! Herbie came to KCSB to do an on-air interview the afternoon of his concert and while he was in the studios, somebody told him about the Carillon that was up in Storke Tower, directly overhead. As a pianist, Hancock was intrigued and after he got off the air, a few of us took him up in the tower and he performed on the Carillon for about 15-minutes. Very, very cool to have jazz great Herbie Hancock playing in Storke Tower, right above KCSB! During my time at KCSB I did a lot of promos for the AS Concerts Department and got to see a lot of great music. Rod Stewart, UFO, Taj Mahal, Tower of Power, Herbie Hancock. But I think the concert that really affected me the most was jazz pianist Bill Evans. I attended the show with several KCSB jazz DJ’s who basically told me ‘If you see one concert during your time here, see Bill Evans.’ His playing knocked me out, it was beautiful and I had never seen or heard music quite like that. I became a lifetime Bill Evans fan and it certainly changed the way I perceive music.”
Mark Mohr 1974-1977

“Doing Operation Stackola on one Thursday afternoons, Mac Dre (R.I.P.) called in from Lompoc to request music and said he and his boys were big fans of my show.”
James Gross 1996-1997

“I enjoyed my time tremendously being on the air – from learning how to like coffee to get me through the 4-6am shift, to discovering new music every week. I also appreciated the opportunity to be GM during my senior year. I learned so much about leadership, volunteerism, and the ‘business’ of running a radio station. Plus, the FileMaker skills I learned have helped me out in so many ways – I still use it everyday!”
Chris Minerd 2001-2007
Productions Coordinator, General Manager 2005-2007

“My time at KCSB was the best part of my college experience. I’m not sure what I would have done without it. It was a warm and welcoming community, from which I learned a great deal. The diversity of programming, the challenges we shared and people involved at the station constantly helped me learn and grow.”
Andrew Belak 2001-2005
Music Director, Program Director 2003-2005

“We helped provide the most live sports broadcasts in a single year (to that point in time), highlighted by a listener record during coverage of men’s soccer in the NCAA Tournament. And the archives of everything still exist on the KCSB.org website! Unforgettable!”
Rob Garcia 2004-2008
Sports Director 2007-2008

“One of our favorite albums to play during breaks from live events was ‘Secret Love,’ a collection of pretty terrible, mainstreamish love songs. The cover had a very 80s girl leaning against a tree, looking like she was in love. Once while playing ‘Dreamweaver’ during a break, we got a phone call from a sick-in-bed Keith (news director) who had woken up in a cold-medication induced haze to hear Gary Wright coming from KCSB. He was so confused he called to make sure everything was all right. After hearing it was us sports kids, he completely understood and we told him to get well soon and we’d try to stop giving him ‘Wayne’s World’ flashbacks.”
Kelly Hayes 2002-2006
Sports Director 2004-2005

“Hard to pinpoint one particular anecdote of not having held a governance position.”
Sarvatma Das 1994-2010

“My 6 AM morning show and the wildlife out back of the studio. Especially the birdsong.”
Lathrop Granger 1962-1965

“Extremely difficult cleaning up after an engineer that collected and saved far too many things.”
Chuck Hastings 1989-2009

“Published the Live Wire program guide, revived and hosted the public affairs show ‘Isla Vista Today,’ reported on Isla Vista events, stories; created and hosted ‘Last Call’ rock show 12am-2am Saturdays. Was a contemporary of Rome’s and classes that followed my graduating class (June 1979).”
David Hefferman 1978-1983

“I appreciated sharing music with the listeners and associations with staff and other programmers.”
Philip Colaprete 1991-2008

“I was training another student and he was interviewing a faculty member from the middle-east. He asked, on air, ‘do you have multiple wives?’ I thought the guest would faint.”
Martin Vanderlaan 1967-1968

“Raw, low budget & fun”
Navin Rizvi 1985-1987
Business Manager 1986-1987

“We had a contest where we asked listeners to call in and utter a sound that they imagined MonkeyBrundleFly (the hypothetical genetic fusion of Brundlefly (Jeff Goldblum’s mutated character in Cronenberg’s “The Fly”) and a run-of-the-mill monkey) would make. No one called in, and we ended up imagining it ourselves.”
Brett Hack 2000-2003

“Hrm…not many anecdotes, but I fondly remember filing records, making station IDs in Studio B (whatever that little tiny room was called) and interviewing bands such as Catherine Wheel and getting them to do a station ID.”
Dave Wade-Steir 1990-1993

“I love the variety of listeners KCSB reaches! We get callers saying ‘You really believe that 2000 year old stuff??’ (the Bible) and later ‘I’m so glad you read that, I’ve been having a really hard time and that really helped.’ Similarly some listeners call to tell us that they’re dancing in their camping tents and loving the music, while others call to talk philosophy! KCSB runs the gamut of both radio shows and listeners!”
Demis John 2005-2010

“One of a kind independent radio programming freedom.”
Mark Mendoza 2005-2010

“Loved when local musician Will Engel was guest – for interview and live performance on the studio piano! Sounded awesome!! Also, great experiences with other KCSB DJs at Elsie’s Nights! I enjoyed spinning records live and interacting with listeners in person! :)”
Lauren Cullen 2002-2003

“Like most programmers I started own in the 4-6 am slot. Although I gradually moved up to a ‘prime time’ slot, in many ways this was the coolest show I had. The excitement of being able to play the weird music I loved and the fact that people were actually listening to it is one of the coolest feelings I have ever had. You never forget your first time.”
Travis Clarke 2004-2009

“I loved my time at KCSB. One memorable show was when my guest in Australia didn’t pick up the phone (I called about 10 times. He was asleep!) and my friend and I had to do an hour long show about ‘Keyline Design’- of which I had never heard of until a few nights before. Plus, an announcement about the show had been sent out to a huge international listserv and a new programmer was there to observe me as part of his training.”
Jill Cloutier 2004-2008

“I met my husband (Jeff Peacock) at KCSB. He worked on the FM station and I was a newbie on the AM station. I would have my friends call and make requests so it looked like my show was really popular, The problem was that they called the FM number, not the AM number. Jeff who was on the air at the same time I was finally was tired of this…and came marching down the hall to the studio where I was – opened the door and said ‘Are you Janice Peterson?’ I looked up and it was love at first sight. I said that I was. And he, turning on an impatient heel to leave, said ‘Telephone’s for you’”
Janice Peacock
Music Director 1984-1985

“Reading the AP ticker tape and listening to Mike Bloom announce the assassination of Robert Kennedy.”
Jim Ashlock 1967-1969

“I had a tremendous experience at KCSB, and I always look back on my time there fondly.”
Chandler Briggs 2002-2006
KJUC, Training Director 2003-2005

“I think I was the first person to play Nirvanas Smells like Teen Spirit on the air. Not sure if that is an accomplishment though as Christina Zafiris would later criticize me for playing something from a major label :)”
Tony Pierce 1989-1992

“Went toe to toe with Sean Hannity over comments made to me, about my child, rabidly homophobic remarks and his spreading of false information about the transmission if HIV/AIDS over the air in early 1989.”
Jody May

“In the dark of winter, the campus deserted. A piece of rebar suspended from rubber bands, tapped very gently, with a microphone nearly touching it. This small ringing sound was fed through three studios of tape machines, all patched in recursive feedback chain. This was broadcast for hours and hours. Until dawn, when the Sunday morning DJ crossfaded the massive wall of thrumming sleep drone into gospel music.”
Jason Brown 1992-1998
Production Director 1995-1996

“It was an interesting time. I did a Japanese pop radio show, and when I would meet people off air, they were usually surprised that I wasn’t Japanese. Another experience was when I was playing a random Japanese rap song I had found in downtown la and realizing the lyrics were referring to Lafura ‘a-twice’ Jackson, a KCSB programmer who had passed on a few years before I even broadcasted. I was almost like he was sitting there with me. Lastly, one time, early on, I broadcasted as part of a team. We would use anime mp3s we downloaded from the Internet. When the station did an audit of what music we were playing, we had no idea that what we were doing was totally illegal! That was my first experience with intellectual property issues as has shaped my activism to this day.”
Jessie Fuller 2003-2006

“I’ll never forget the great times that I had during my years at KCSB, which turned out to be among the last of the pre-Internet age. I recall writing my sports stories by hand on notebook paper and using plastic carts and cassette tapes to prepare and produce SportsSpot and our live broadcasts. But aside from technological nostalgia, it was really an exciting time to experience sports both at UCSB and at the national level…from the end of UCSB’s football program to the end of Magic Johnson’s basketball career following his HIV-positive announcement. Thankfully, Magic is still around and doing well. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about UCSB football (and I’ll take personal responsibility for the lack of an audio record of UCSB’s last football game in 1992 – I was recording it in the studio but forgot to release the ‘mute’ button…argh!!). But even more memorable than these events was the chance to interact with some great people through the medium of KCSB – whether it was staff in other departments, the KCSB administration spearheaded by Elizabeth Robinson, or the greater UCSB sports community. What an incredible experience – certainly one of the most enjoyable highlights of my college career.”
Michael Dobbs 1990-1994

“NForever …awesome!”
Quinn Chaloeicheep 1998-2002
Music Director, Assistant Engineer 2000-2002

“I had a call to my 12am-2am rock show from a listener who was working the night shift at 7-11. He was lamenting that he hated his job and I said ‘at least you can spend all night drinking slurpees, that’s my idea of heaven’ and he said ‘the slurpee machine is broken.’ It was a perfect expression of abject despair. I played something upbeat and dedicated it to him during my next announcement break and to this day I say ‘the slurpee machine is broken’ when I want to express a profound level of sadness and disappointment.”
Courtney Lannert 1997-2002
PMRC 2000-2002

“Long hours trying to fill 3am-6am slots while munching on Woodstock’s pizza.”
Mike Quinn 2002-2008
PMRC Member 2006-2008

“In each position that I held on Excomm, I really feel that the experiences in each helped me grow as a person. Associate News Director was an intense position, especially since a newscast had to be prepared daily. I definitely learned to manage my time wisely. External Music Director was a fun position, and taught me the importance of organization within a volunteer run resource. Promotions Director was a great position because there was a lot of flexibility within the job, I was able to work on goals that I had for the position.”
Avalon Jeffery 2006-2010
Associate News Director, External Music Director, Promotions Director 2007-2010

“4 AM treasure hunts through the library.”
Oren Brimer 2001-2005

“Fun but a lot of work getting organized for the one-hour show.”
Frankie Fuentes 2003-2004

“94′-2007 amazing 13-yr run spreading the gospel thru hip-hop music – 07′-11′ – occasional sub when back home for the holidays – currently a missionary living in Baja Mexico, Ensenada.”
Walt Requejo 1994-2011

“Lots of all-nighters at the station, studying there rather than in my room. I also worked over the summer that we moved the station from the UCEN to Storke Plaza.”
Rick Bloom 1968-1971
On Air & Promotions Director

“Late nights with no idea how to work all the equipment…”
Santo Riva 2000-2004

“Three high points for me were: Getting a whole Old Time Music ensemble made up of students from UCLA and UCSB into the studio for a live performance; getting a big pledge during my show from a local farmer who loves traditional music; and interviewing Laurie Lewis over the phone before she came to town for a gig.”
Erika Hurwitz 1998-2002

“Best year ever!”
Teri Aronson Burge 1996-2001
Publications 2000-2001

“I made promises to interface with the Latino orgs on campus and I didn’t deliver during my tenure as KJUC Manager. That’s my biggest regret. Overall, I matured as an individual and KCSB was a constant throughout that period of growth. I should have recorded more shows.”
Berto Solis 2004-2011
KJUC Manager 2005-2006

“Parking on campus has always been challenging, to say the least, and I would bring my bicycle with me so I could ride back and forth from the studio BETWEEN SONGS to deposit handfuls of quarters in the parking meter! I played mostly vinyl and being a jazz programmer, I would put on a LONG SONG, so I could make it back to the studio before it was over. This I did many times in the pouring rain in the early hours of Friday mornings between 6:00 and 8:00 am….and I did pay my share of parking tickets as well. The things we go through to have a radio show!!!”
Jay Allen 1994-2002

“I will always remember the vast music library at KCSB. It was at KCSB where I developed my appreciation for the blues due to KCSB’s collection of various blues musicians.”
Ariana Dumpis 2007-2011
Program Director and Traffic and Training Director 2008-2010