William Melvin (“Bill”) Hicks was a groundbreaking standup comedian and social satirist, who began performing as an adolescent in Houston, Texas, in the mid-1970s and emerged as a unique voice in the American comedy world during the mid-to-late 1980s. Recognized in the UK and other parts of the English speaking world for his fearless political and philosophical repertoire (in the vein of George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Lenny Bruce), Hicks was brought down by pancreatic cancer in early 1994 at the still-tender age of 32. Somewhat remarkably, his cult of fans has grown since his death.

The documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story opened in Los Angeles on April 15th. British filmmakers Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas culled from nearly twenty years of materials — from recordings and films to photographs and letters – to create their ambitious biography, which deftly blends reminisces by those closest to the comedian, dynamically-realized two-and-a-half-dimensional animated sequences, and essential Hicks routines recorded on film and video.

Filmmakers Paul Thomas (left) & Matt Harlock (right)

Ted Coe, host of The Freak Power Ticket, interviewed director Matt Harlock about his new film in a broadcast that aired Monday, April 18th. The Freak Power Ticket tribute also featured Bill Hick’s original music and stand-up. Click here or look for the PODCAST player below to Listen!

American: The Bill Hicks Story is now in its second week in Los Angeles and is also available for online rental via “video on demand.” For more information, see www.americanthemovie.com.

The Freak Power Ticket airs Mondays in the Spring from 11am-noon.


Edited versions of the following Hicks performances/routines were included in this broadcast:

Bill Hicks (Marble Head Johnson) – Lay of the Land.

Bill Hicks – War in Iraq

Bill Hicks – Today a young man on acid realized..

Bill Hicks: Waco (Koresh)

Bill Hicks on politics

bill hicks on marketing