20100119On Tuesday’s “Intents & Purposes” broadcast, Levi Maaia and Tim Grigsby spoke with the director of UCSB’s Meso American Research Center and the recipient of the 2000 Rolex Award for Enterprise, Dr. Anabel Ford. Says the hosts of their guest, “Dr. Ford has dedicated years to the study of the ancient city of El Pilar. This historic Maya community sits on the border of Guatemala and Belize. Dr. Ford contests, contrary to many of her colleagues, that El Pilar is a model of the sustainable practice of ‘forest gardening.’ She and her team have worked diligently to study, understand and preserve this early gem.”

A podcast of this show can now be found online here (and at the “Intents & Purposes” website). “Intents & Purposes” airs from 8-9am Tuesdays during winter on KCSB.