iv-riotToday in The KCSBeat, the Santa Barbara Independent‘s column on all things KCSB, Colin Marshall continues A Brief History of KCSB, his look into the station’s colorful past, with an examination of KCSB’s important (and sometimes misunderstood) role in the 1970 Isla Vista riots:

Before we march bravely on into the annals of KCSB history, we should note that, of the few widely-known facts about the station’s past, one pops out above the rest: that it was the first and is thus far the only radio station to have been forcibly shut down by the cops.

In the small world of community, college, and renegade freeform broadcasters, this designation confers massive amount of credibility. But how did it actually happen? What outlandish conditions could possibly have mounted up to lead to the mandated shutdown of an innocuous 180-watt station staffed primarily by beachgoing college students of the early 1970s?

You can read the full column here.