Colin Marshall’s latest KCSBeat column for the Santa Barbara Independent profiles former KCSB program director Ariana Dumpis, who still spins her own unique mix of vintage blues, R&B, and rock every Saturday afternoon on Bring It On Home:

For all the emotion she finds in this music, it’s not just an aesthetic interest for her; it’s also an intellectual one. “I like old music,” she said. “I think it’s important to know about the past and understand how it can affect us.” In high school, she found her way to Muddy Waters by way of a report on the Rolling Stones, the writing of which took her back to the band’s American influences. As a history major at UCSB, she’s managed to write a paper on the existentialism to be found in Otis Redding’s “The Dock of the Bay” and a world history paper comparing early slave music in the U.S. and Brazil. She’s been considering writing a senior thesis on the roots of the blues, but has lingering reservations: “I’ve begun to realize that there aren’t a lot of primary sources around anymore.”

Despite all this, you wouldn’t be totally off base to assume from Dumpis’s appearance and demeanor that she’s into indie rock. In fact, that’s exactly what she played when she first came to KCSB. “But then I thought, so many people do indie rock shows,” she remembered. “I wanted to do something different.”

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