Tonight on “Art Of Peace,” your host Phillip LeVasseur speaks with the Phil McKenna and Janet Koed of the Naples Coalition. Potential suburban development of the Naples area north of Goleta, California has led many citizens to stand up in defense of keeping the land in its natural and agricultural state. The coalition are members from the Sierra Club, Surfrider, Citizens Planning Association, Audubon Society, League of Woman Voters, and the Gaviota Coast Conservancy as well as unaffiliated individuals. Their goals are to preserve this section of the Gaviota Coast: viewsheds, restore the biodiverse habitat, maintain wildlife corridors, protect the sensitive coastal bluff, and provide appropriate public access. They recognize the extreme sensitivity the Chumash Peoples have for this land.

The coalition realizes that some development may be inevitable, yet they resist the idea that the major criteria for development should be to maximize the economic return to land speculators. While respectful of an owners rights, the coalition is also cognizant of the responsibilities of that steward to promote the broad interest of the public.
The coalition is promoting a Kayak Haskells to Naples event on October 7th. For more information, visit the Save Naples Coalition website:


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