A.S. LogoKCSB has recorded and made available the audio from all 10 A.S. Candidate forums. The forums were conducted according to the following schedule:

April 9th @ 12pm
A.S. Presidential Candidate Forum

April 9th @ 1pm
Student Advocate General Candidate Forum

April 10th @ 12pm
Internal Vice President Candidate Forum

April 10th @ 1pm
External Vice President Local Affairs Candidate Forum

April 11th @ 12pm
Off-Campus Reps (A-H) Candidate Forum

April 11th @ 1pm
Off-Campus Reps (K-W) Candidate Forum

April 15th @ 12pm
External Vice President Statewide Affairs Forum

April 15th @ 1pm
A.S. Presidential Candidate Forum, Part 2

April 16th @ 12pm
A.S. Representative at Large Forum

April 16th @ 1pm
A.S. On-Campus/University Owned Representative Forum

The campus A.S. elections are on April 21st-24th, and all undergraduate UCSB students can vote via the internet on GOLD (Gaucho On-Line Date).