The Fire Department with your host, The Wolff

On Sunday, Feb. 26, IV locals the Fire Department broadcasted their brand of stanky funk over Santa Barbara’s airwaves, live on KCSB. The full 11 piece band piled into Studio A to cook up a steady groove enjoyed across SB county and even across the world. Listeners on three continents tuned in to hear the funksters and called in to voice their support. Their next performance is on March 1st at UCSB’s Battle of the Bands in the Hub where they will compete for an opening slot at UCSB’s Extravaganza Music Festival! Fire Department members, Zeal, Meg, and Joe were kind enough to stick around after their set for a quick interview.

Tune in to KCSB at 8:30 on March 1st to hear the Battle of the Bands broadcast live on KCSB!

The Fire Department – Magnum – The Green Room, KCSB 91.9 FM! by Eric Wolff

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Hear how it all went down! Click the play button below to listen to the full show!