Big Hair & Plastic Grass - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Big Hair & Plastic Grass – CLICK TO ENLARGE

Monday’s edition of “The Freak Power Ticket” welcomes special guest Dan Epstein, author of the lively cultural history, Big Hair and Plastic Grass: A Funky Ride Through Baseball and America in the Swinging ’70s (Thomas Dunne Books).

Big Hair and Plastic Grass focuses on how the clean-cut public image of our “National Pastime” was recreated by the social and cultural forces of the “Me Generation” and the “Now Generation.”

During this hourlong program, Epstein will recount important, fascinating, and humorous stories about the ways in which America’s sport learned to stop worrying and enjoy the wonderfully funky flavors of the times.

Tune into to learn about:

• “The Mustache Gang” and the “Hair Vs. Square” World Series

• The best-selling insider exposés

• Wife-swapping within the ranks of the NY Yankees

• The swagger and inspiration of the pitcher Dock Ellis and the legend of his LSD No-Hitter

• Mod-fashions, Space Age design and the bursts of color made possible by polyester fabrics and carnival hucksters like team-owner Charles Finley

Glenn Burke, the professional sport’s first (and only) openly gay athlete

• Accidental marijuana cultivation at the “Big A” in Anaheim

Michael Ritchie‘s Little League-movie classic, The Bad News Bears

and more…

Let it all hang out with Epstein and producer/host Ted Coe as they also share music and other sounds from (and inspired by) the era, alongside some insightful and entertaining conversation.

UPDATE – Monday, April 15, 2013: Complete Playlist is Now Online!


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