Boots Riley of THE COUP (Courtesy photo).

Boots Riley of THE COUP (courtesy photo). – CLICK TO ENLARGE

On Friday, February 20th, “The Freak Power Ticket”’s producer / host Ted Coe interviewed frontman Boots Riley of Street Sweeper Social Club and The Coup, the funk / hip-hop group which formed in Oakland, California during the early 1990s.

Their recorded conversation took place before the Coup’s dynamic performance that evening at the UCSB MultiCultural Center Theater.

With roots in anti-racist activism, labor organizing, and the Occupy movement, Riley brings a compelling lyrical urgency to The Coup’s six albums. Part one of his dialogue with Coe focuses on his writing process, political inspirations, collaborations, overall musical breadth, and cinematic vision.

An edited podcast of that hourlong program is now available for streaming or download. Hear a different kind of “Party Music” below — and stay tuned to KCSB-FM 91.9 in the next few weeks for more of the interview.

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays in the spring from 11am-12noon PDT.