Tonight on The Road Tunes Sessions:
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Artwork by D. Sharon Pruitt. Public Domain.

Rock music proliferated in the 1960s, with unique music scenes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Relive the musical shock wave of the groups that laid the groundwork for art rock in the mid and late sixties leading to the free love and drug culture of the times with their psychedelic sound.

Join your host DJ Philobeto as he welcomes local guest musicologist Scott McCann presenting music and commentary of the the 60’s era in California. Along with co-teacher Madelyne Palley, McCann will present a 3 part class at the Center for Live Long Learning titled “California Dreamin: The Music of the 60’s”. During the show, we’ll focus on bands from Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Santa Barbara area with genres ranging from surf rock and psychedelic rock to folk and pop (with the likes of the “Phil Spector” sound).

To learn more about the “California Dreamin: The Music of the 60’s” Class, click here

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