f-n-g-logo-bestHere’s your chance not just to support KCSB–since, of course, you’re going to do that–but to support two guys as old and older than the station (rumors that Frank was babysat by Marconi himself cannot be substantiated). It is true Frank once took part in a station fund drive that helped switch KCSB from mono to stereo. It is true George remembers party lines, and phones attached to wires. But most importantly it’s true we love playing a thousand years of popular, and not so popular, music for you. And being silly. And we love community radio, the only home for our brand of insanity, since if it were a brand, it wouldn’t sell, and we’d be out of business faster than Kim Kardashian can disrobe. So, listen, enjoy (we’ve got all sorts of songs adapted for fund drive), and be sure to call 893-2424 and pledge.

“Frank ‘n’ George” airs Tuesdays 10 am – 12 noon this fall.