Of his next broadcast, host Dick Flacks writes, “This week KCSB begins its annual membership drive. The station for 50 years (!) has been providing an astonishing variety of musics and cultures and public affairs programming. We carry Amy Goodman and Al-Jazeera news, and a lot of good locally based reportage. And I’ve been on the air with the ‘Culture of Protest’ for more than 30 years. It’s been a great chance for me to learn a lot about the inter-relating of the musical and the political and to share songs of struggle from the past and the immediate present.

I hope you’ll participate in the fund drive. In return for your generosity, I’m offering copies of some shows that may be of interest, signed copies of my new book on music and movements…and a brand new album of political song by David Rovics.

You can make a pledge by sending me an email at rflacks@igc.org providing your name, address, phone and donation amount. The basic membership levels are $25 for UCSB students and $50 for non-students.
For a basic pledge, you can request one of the following recent ‘Culture of Protest’ specials:
  • Remembering Rosa and Abe: features interview with Rosa Parks (its her centenary) and songs about her + the complete Lonesome train—the legendary radio cantata musically depicting Lincoln as an embodiment of grassroots populism
  • Remembering Paul Robeson: a program featuring Robeson;’s voice throughout the decades and his passionate speeches challenging racism and empire.
  • Remembering FDR: Roosevelt’s second inaugural in its entirety makes interesting comparison with Obama’s + songs about FDR you might not know.
  • Obama and King: Pres. Obama made a stirring speech dedicating the MLK monument—and we couple that with some fiery words of King’s plus songs that honor him on the King holiday.
  • We’ll play samples from all of these on the air this Thursday and next @ 6-7pm pst 91.9fm (www.kcsb.org)
  • Or…we have a couple of copies of David Rovics new CD: Meanwhile in Afghanistan.
  • Or…we have a couple of copies of my new book: PLAYING FOR CHANGE:MUSIC AND MUSICIANS IN SERVICE OF SOCIAL MOVEMENTS—co-authored with Rob Rosenthal.
Any one of the above can be yours for a basic pledge of $50 ($25 for ucsb students). Any two for $75. All 4 of the Culture of Protest cd’s for $100. Please call 805-893-2424 between 6-7pm Thursday 2/21 or 2/28 to make a pledge (it’s great to get those calls!) Or pledge on line at www.kcsb.org

“Culture of Protest” airs on Thursdays in the winter from 6-7pm.