f-n-g-logo-bestWhile all you need is the air that you breathe is a bit of an exaggeration (heck even hydroponically grown plants need, uh, hydros), it is certainly hard to sing without breathing, so there you go–this week’s theme, “breath.” We will explore breath’s breadth, from tunes by Phil Everly to Sweet Honey in the Rock, from Alison Moyet to Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band, from Kraftwerk to Maria Callas. Then there’s the big plus that when we play Kate Bush’s “Breathing” you don’t have to watch her overdone video for the song (go look it up for a giggle). Of course you don’t get to watch the sublimely spastic David Thomas lead Pere Ubu through a televised (TV did show amazing music once!) performance of “Breath” on Night Music, either. So maybe that’s a wash. But it can’t be wash, as that would be a water show and not an air show. Consider us on the air two ways, then.

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