billy bragg[4]
Of his next broadcast, host  Dick Flacks writes, “Billy Bragg has been helping make the ‘Culture of Protest’ for about as long as we’ve been doing the radio show (about 30 years). He’s got a new studio album just out (first one in several years) and that provides a reason to do a program featuring a sampling of his performance over these years. Another reason is the demise of Margaret Thatcher, whose years as British prime minister helped fuel Billy’s political art and action. Moreover, Billy was a prime mover in the glorious revival of Woody Guthrie–having created dozens of new songs on woody lyrics. We’ll explore all this on the radio tonight. And if you’d like to get a link to an archived version of the show, contact me at”

“Culture of Protest” airs on Thursdays in the spring from 6-7pm.