The Classical Now with Joseph Miller (Sundays 2-4pm).

The Classical Now with Joseph Miller (Sundays 2-4pm).

Of this afternoon’s broadcast of “The Classical Now” (Sunday, November 8th), host Joseph Miller writes:

“The Santa Barbara Symphony is under the leadership of new executive director David Pratt. The native Australian loves music, and the business side of music. Next week the SB Symphony performs its second concert of the season, entitled ‘Shakespeare Set to Music,’ which will include collaboration with the Ensemble Theatre Company, just the sort of community arts joint ventures that Pratt encourages.

The second hour of ‘The Classical Now’ will feature my conversation last May with David Pratt. Pratt is an articulate, incisive, and broadminded addition to the Symphony. This conversation displays his exciting energy and ideas.

November 8 is the birthday of English composer and poet Arnold Bax. Bax’s artistic sensibility and vision were deeply influenced by W.B. Yeats and the Irish Literary Renaissance. During today’s program, we’ll also hear the colorful first movement of his Symphony No. 3.”

“The Classical Now” airs on Sundays in the fall from 2-4pm.