In honor of College Radio Day today, Friday, October 3, KCSB-FM is proud to bring you the public debut of the video “KCSB Promo.”

Still from "KCSB Promo" by Film & Media 103 Students (Summer Session B 2014).

Still from “KCSB Promo” by Film & Media 103 Students (Summer Session B 2014).

This informational short was recently completed by students enrolled in UC Santa Barbara’s Film & Media Studies 2014 Summer Electives course, “Project Development,” under the guidance of instructor Joe Palladino.

Check us out online here to hear and see student Executive Committee members, career staff, and volunteer programmers — Kenny Oravetz, Ruben Negrete, Jake Weeks, Madeline Kardos, Marta Ulvaeus, Ted Coe, and Sheamus Nolan — describe the operations of the University of California’s first college-radio station and Santa Barbara’s only community-radio outlet.

We’d like to give special thanks to “Film & Media 103” students Eduardo Arias, Maison Kaprielian, Simone Lassen, Michelle Moro, Deana Riggs, Adam Strong, Mariela Villa for creating this new work, which was edited by Steve Guzman. It stands as one of the first of its kind ever shared online by KCSB-FM 91.9.

Happy College Radio Day everyone! Enjoy!