429128_515860678436191_1255663284_n-1Tonight 10p-midnight, join host Raven Nevermore for LIFTED. Raven will be joined by musical guest Conner Patton who will be performing live.

Conner Patton is an Alternative rock musician based out of Ventura, California.  His influences include ’90s pop, ska-reggae, punk, folk and funk.  As a multi-instrumentalist and a self-produced singer/songwriter, he layers many instrument tracks to create songs that are entirely played and written by him.  He is self-taught on most of his instruments, although he did take a year of violin in high school, and a semester of music theory in college, where he learned to write sheet music.  He started playing music at the age of twelve, inspired by his oldest brother Patrick Patton, frontman of alternative rock group Oh My Land, and is now on the verge of releasing his first full-length album in the summer of 2014.

LIFTED airs Tuesdays 10p-midnight in the winter.