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The People's Radio (2013 design submission by Roberto Duran, "the private gallery")

The People’s Radio (2013 design submission by Roberto Duran, “the private gallery”)-CLICK TO ENLARGE

KCSB membership drive ends Friday—so this week’s Culture of Protest will be another time for asking for help—and offering some nice thank you gifts. A lot of you have emailed pledges to me and/or called during our show time. The generosity has me overwhelmed with gratitude!!!

You can make a pledge by sending me an email at providing your name, address, phone and donation amount. The basic membership levels are $25 for UCSB students and $50 for non-students. For a basic pledge, you can request one of the following cd’s of a recent show (and there is stuff on  each of these that you will not easily find anywhere else!)

Songs for Isla Vista:  Just after the horrific mass murder in Isla Vista last May, we put together a program of songs evoked by these events and by the intense discussion in the  community in the aftermath—songs about school shootings, about masculine identity and violence, about guns and about community.

Free Speech Movement @ 50: On the 50th anniversary of the famous blockage of the police car at the gates of UC Berkeley, a program featuring rare recordings of speeches made on top of the car that helped launch the mass student protests of the sixties. And we hear in its entirety Mario Savio’s famous speech that culminated the weeks of campus protests that fall—plus appropriate music.

Struggles for justice past and present: In late August, a few days after Michael Brown’s was buried in Fergusson, songs evoked by  his killing began to be sung. We hear some of these and other recent songs about police shootings of black youth, and connect that event to the anniversaries of the lynching of Emmet Till, the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti, and the passage of women’s suffrage.

Leftwing songs for D-Day:  On the 70th anniversary of D-Day we did a program featuring a wide sampling of songs by Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Josh White, Paul Robeson and other left performers aimed at mobilizing support for the war effort against fascism. The songs evoke that time—and the hopes  as well as fears that spurred the leftwing enthusiasm for the war effort.

You can have 2 of the above for a $75 donation, 4 for $100. Please include  your name, address, phone, pledge request.

OR- call me when Culture of Protest is on the air: 6-7 pm PST Thursday 11/21). 805-893-2424 & we also take donations online:

Thanks again to all the pledgers and donors who have helped validate what we’re doing!!! Give back & we will gift back!