This Thursday on “Spindrift,” guest speaker Lois Hamilton, the Santa Barbara Chapter leader for the Progressive Democrats of America, joins host Marika to discuss the need for a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. Lois Hamilton says: “There is a grassroots movement sweeping across California and the rest of the country to take back our government from corporate rule. To do this, it will take amending the U.S. Constitution to overturn the disastrous decision made by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2010 called ‘Citizens United’. This decision has created a ‘Democracy crisis’ by putting the stamp of approval by the most powerful court in the nation to the idea that Corporations are people and that their money equals speech protected by the First Amendment of our constitution.”

Hamilton and others are involved with a Move to Amend Rally taking place this Saturday, August 18th, at the State Street entrance to the Paseo Nuevo Mall between the 600 and 800 blocks at high noon. For more information, visit the website here:

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