“Culture of Protest” host Prof. Dick Flacks says of Thursday’s broadcast:

“Most every year on ‘Culture of Protest’ we do a Woody Guthrie birthday show (July 14 is the birth date). We are able most years to feature ‘new’ Woody material, because of the continuous outpouring of previously unreleased recordings, and/or newly written songs based on his archived lyrics, and/or new interpretations of his standards. This week’s show features a recent Rounder four-disc compilation based on recently-discovered unreleased recordings done in 1944 (with Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry) that have wonderful sound quality and songs rarely heard as well as familiar ones. Songs about labor, war, race, history…and since Arlo turns 63 on July 12 we’ll hear his voice too.”

“Culture of Protest” airs Thursdays from 6-7pm on KCSB.