Professor Dick Flacks, host of “Culture of Protest,” writes: “In 1936 a fascist rebellion led by Francisco Franco and backed by Hitler and Mussolini was launched against the Spanish Republic. Western states declared neutrality; the USSR was the main national supporter of the Republic. But thousands of young people from around the world were recruited to the International Brigade, including some 3000 Americans who joined the Abraham Lincoln Battalion. The brigadistas fought fiercely and a large proportion were killed. This month marks the 70th anniversary of the departure of the International Brigade from Spain. This year the first official monument to the Lincoln Battalion was unveiled (in San Francisco) and in this year the best known American surviving veterans of the Spanish civil war died. All of this provides an occasion to hear a sampling of the great wealth of music that was created during that struggle.”

The “Songs of the Spanish Civil War” broadcast of “Culture of Protest” airs this Thursday, October 23rd, from 6-7pm.