“The way I see the Democratic Party is based on the historical fact that the main movements for change in this country have, since the New Deal, sought voice and representation in it. And that movement strategy is reflected in the faces and many of the voices at the DNC—and in some of its candidates and policies. The party is not controlled by these movements nor do its elected in office deliver on key claims. This week’s show streams just before Hillary’s speech. We’ll play songs that remind us of the Movement sources of the party spirit, and some that remind us of the major gaps between grassroots grievances and convention rhetoric. And we’ll play a bit of FDR’s acceptance speech at the 1936 DNC also in Philadelphia—when he assailed the ‘economic royalists’ who were betraying the democratic promise of the American revolution.”



Culture of Protest w/ Dick Flacks. Thurs. 7/28/16 6pm PDT

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