Host Ted Coe writes: “My July 4th broadcast of ‘The Freak Power Ticket’ was a fun (and underpublicized) homage to Richard Linklater’s 1994 cult-classic movie Dazed and Confused, about a day in the life of suburban teens living near Austin, Texas, during the Bicentennial Year of 1976.

Using the film’s complete musical soundtrack as inspiration, I juxtaposed the thoughts of critic Jim DeRogatis (and my own) alongside a playlist of older source music and covers, plus a selection of songs from both official album releases, to pay tribute to one of the most inventive rock’n’roll compilations ever heard.

Dazed and Confused (Emporium)

A link to that first broadcast’s playlist can be found here:


On Monday I pick up where I left off, only this time I introduce snippets of dialogue, further commentary, the theatrical trailer, plus a few extra surprises… as the Summertime Fun continues.

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‘Check you later!'”

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs Mondays in the summer from 11am-noon PDT.

Update (Tuesday, August 2nd): The playlist for the above broadcast can be found HERE.