Tune in today to “Future Daze” from 12noon-1pm and join KCSB’s music directors on a sonic journey with LIVE in-studio performance of Canadian indie-rock outfit, Dinosaur Bones!

Image courtesy Dine Alone Records.

Dinosaur Bones (Photo: Stephanie Luong)

The Toronto-based band released their second studio album, Shaky Dream, in August on Dine Alone Records. They will be playing during the second half-hour of the program.

Here’s how they have described their newest release, Shaky Dream:

Teaming up with the production lead of John Congelton (St. Vincent, The Walkmen, Explosions In The Sky) the band found themselves immersed in a study of sound; in some cases, challenging and peeling back layers of their songs and taking them in directions they hadn’t contemplated before. The quintet was moved, literally and figuratively from their comfort zone and the resulting 10 new tracks are thematically steeped in self-reflection, yearning for honest communication and filled with a blend of dark pop, bombastic hooks, and flourishing rhythmic drone.

Future Daze, with Luna & Mr. Supersónico, airs every Friday, noon to one.