djdarlabeathumb_r140x140In the newest edition of The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall’s Santa Barbara Independent column on the whos, whats and whys of KCSB, the highly-connected, SB-to-the-core DJ Darla Bea Smith and her show Rock It Properly get the profile treatment:

Smith’s penchant for rock knowledge pays off in her ability to craft every installment of Rock it Properly around a theme. Past shows have included “Wham, Bam, Thank You Glam” (a tribute to glam rock), “We Gotcha Covered” (nothing but covers) and “I See London, I See France” (I’m not sure, but it certainly sounds intriguing). Even when she had to drag herself into the studio and somehow remain awake for the 3-6 a.m. graveyard shift on her debut last summer, she still managed to adhere to Rock It Properly’s organizing principles.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but ask Smith, a KCSB listener since 1994, why it took her so many years to join the station. “I’m a Virgo,” she explained, “a perfectionist.” It seems the very perfectionism that drives her to produce such a prepared, information-rich program also prevented her from doing so for quite some time. “When I was at UCSB, I was just focused on graduating,” she said, “and when I do something, I want to really do it.” And do it she certainly has, with all of the concentration the big-time FM DJs of old used to put into their broadcasts. As guest Spencer Barnitz of Santa Barbara “Latin big-band spy movie” band Spencer the Gardener remarked, “Darla, your show is how radio can’t be anymore.”

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