Under the spotlight in the latest edition of The KCSBeat, Colin Marshall’s column for the Santa Barbara Independent on the people, places and things of KCSB, is Kate Kelchner, electrical engineering grad student by day and up-to-the-minute indie rock maven by (Monday) night:

After graduating high school, even devoted music wonks might find their listening habits assuming a disturbing fixity. Whether this malady’s progress can be reversed, halted or simply slowed remains a matter of open debate, but certain preventative strategies seem promising. Surely one of the most effective is to have one’s own radio show, especially if one can log broadcasting hours on more than one radio station. This summer, Kate Kelchner, a bit of a college radio veteran who began her deejaying career at Cal Poly’s KCPR-FM, enters her fourth year at KCSB. She’s kept both her playlists and her own listening habits fresher and fresher as each one has passed.

“That’s my philosophy in life,” Kelchner told me when I sat in on her Monday-night show Between the Bars. “Onward. Progress. A freshman at KCPR once said to me, ‘I didn’t think there was good music anymore.’ And my friends are like that. They just hear commercial radio. They stick to old favorites, or bands they already like who have new albums out. You have to put the effort in.”

You can read all about Kelchner and Between the Bars here.