Doom Corporation Mugs - CLICK TO ENLARGE

Doom Corporation Mugs – CLICK TO ENLARGE

Of today’s broadcast, “Doom Corporation” host The Chemist writes: “You’ve come to expect nothing but classic punk rock, hardcore, thrash, noise, and current events on ‘The Doom Corporation’: a global conspiracy soundtrack!

Today’s edition also features great thank-you gifts for loyal ‘DC’ listeners and new converts alike:

• handmade ‘Doom Corporation’ skull-shaped goblets/mugs, which include George Carlin‘s ‘seven dirty words’ etched on the back (The artisan is Scott;

• tickets to classic punk/hard-rocking concerts like The Adicts (at the Ventura Theater on Thurs., Dec. 11); JFA, Puley, Ill Repute, Naked Aggression at The Roxy (in LA on Sun., Jan. 4); and Metalachi in Ventura (on Sat., Feb 7).

• plus more!

The goblet can be had for a donation of $66.60. Finally, all donors can receive a grab bag of hardcore punk courtesy of Ebullition Records in Goleta.”


“Doom Corporation” airs on Fridays in the Fall from 12noon-2pm.