WRITERS CAFE LOGO-REAL-WEBPascale Beale grew up in England and France surrounded by a family which has always been passionate about food, wine and the arts. She was taught to cook by her French mother and grandmother. After 15 years working in the property and financial markets in California, all the while continuing her quest for good food and culinary knowledge during gastronomic pilgrimages to Europe, she returned to her first passion, cooking. She has, over the past 10 years, written numerous books, articles for local newspapers, and is a regular contributor to the James Beard award winning publication, Edible Santa Barbara.

Her first cookbook A Menu for All Seasons – Spring, was published in 2004. The second book in the series, Summer, was released in early 2008. Autumn followed in October 2009. The fourth season – Winter – was published in March 2011. An entirely new edition of Spring was then published in March 2012. A Menu for All Seasons, the boxed set of the four volumes, is also available. Her new company, Pascale’s Kitchen, brings a range of culinary products, including new herb lines and blended spices, teas and jams, as well as innovative cookware items, to its customers, making cooking pleasurable, delicious and fun.