Later tonight (Sunday, April 3rd), DJ Darla Bea‘s newest lesson on “Rock It Properly,” Santa Barbara’s School of Rock, will shed light on the Brazilian Friction Drum, the Cuíca (“kuweeca”), which is often called the Laughing Gourd in Popular Music.

The friction drum sound has been compared to a “monkey’s” call. The instrument was introduced to Brazil by African slaves, where it found its place in Samba music. This two-hour musical journey to Brazil and beyond features plenty of Samba Rock by Jorge Ben Jor including a focus on his tune, “Taj Mahal,” which was sampled heavily by Rod Stewart and featured in a famous musical plagiarism lawsuit.

Music by: Jorge Ben, Os Mutantes, Seu Jorge, Walter WanderleyQuincy Jones, Beck, Serge Gainsbourg, Jamiroquai, Bunny Wailer… and much more!

“Rock It Properly” airs on Sundays in the Spring from 8-10pm PDT!