Dusty Ineman ("The Salamander") of GARDENS & VILLA (with Jonathan Munnikhuis "DJ MU") during "The Jacuzzi" on KCSB - 2013) - Courtesy photo.

Dusty Ineman (“The Salamander”) of GARDENS & VILLA (with Jonathan Munnikhuis “DJ MU”) during “The Jacuzzi” on KCSB – 2013) – Courtesy photo. – CLICK TO ENLARGE

Back in September of 2014, Dusty Ineman, Gardens & Villa’s auxiliary player/percussionist and the former co-host of a KCSB music program “The Jacuzzi,” participated in a phone interview with Ted Coe, producer/host of “The Freak Power Ticket.”

As Santa Barbara’s most popular indie-rock group wound their way east on a fall concert tour, Ineman called the weekly music-and-cultural arts program from Utah and shared stories and reflections on G&V and their influences. (He also helped program a set of synth-pop, New Wave, “minimal wave,” post-punk, and more, from the late-1960s-1980s, and today.)

Later today, Monday, March 30th, from 11am-12noon PST, “The Salamander” (Ineman’s DJ name on “The Jacuzzi’) will be an in-studio guest with Coe ahead of this Thursday’s big Gardens & Villa at SOhO (with Dante Elephante and KCSB DJ Darla Bea also on the bill).

“The Freak Power Ticket” airs on Mondays during KCSB’s summer schedule from 11am-12noon PDT.