On Wednesday, August 24th, “No Alibis” co-host Marisela Marquez and guest host Ted Coe were joined by New York-based curator Elizabeth Lovero, a KCSB and UCSB alumnus who is responsible for the forthcoming Wireless exhibition at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CAF). Honoring the 50th Anniversary of KCSB, Wireless features international artists exploring themes of radio transmission and communications through diverse media, such as sculptural installations, painting, video, photography, and sound.

Ms. Lovero discussed her days as a volunteer student programmer at KCSB and an Assistant Curator at CAF, the genesis of this new exhibition, and provided information about Wireless‘s contributors and elements.

A preview interactive performance by Neighborhood Public Radio kicks things off at UCSB’s Storke Plaze on Friday, November 4th from 12noon-1pm. The Wireless Opening Night Reception is on Saturday, November 5th from 630-8pm, and the exhibition will be on view from Sunday, November 6th through Sunday, January 8th. Both are at CAF.

For more information on the complete Wireless exhibition, click here.

A podcast of the Lovero interview is now available online below.