Image posted with permission from Erin Inglish

Of his next broadcast, host Andy Doerr writes:

“The Roadtunes Sessions and host Andy Doerr welcome Erin Inglish to the studio, this evening, Tuesday, September 3. The show starts at 7:30p and Erin will begin around 7:45p.

California banjo sweetheart Erin Inglish is an internationally-touring folk music troubadour who has abounding stories to tell and a raw, sincere voice that has been likened to Emmylou Harris.

Formerly an engineer, Erin has lived in India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Serbia, and her songwriting reflects her worldly travels and grounding passion for sustainability and art. In April, 2013, Erin released her first solo album titled, “A Melody So Sweet,” and then toured – by bicycle – the entire coast of California to celebrate Earth Month. From the thoughtful and conscientious messages in her songwriting, to her magnetic and entertaining stage-presence, Erin is a consummate performer and humanistic storyteller.

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The Roadtunes Sessions airs Tuesdays 7:30 -10:00 pm this summer.