Musican Eugene Chadbourne at the Funzone - CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Musician Eugene Chadbourne at the Funzone – CLICK TO ENLARGE.

On Sunday, December 6th, UCSB’s Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Music, KCSB-FM, and the Funzone present musician, improviser, radio host, and writer Eugene Chadbourne, with special guests: the duo Azeem Ward X Underbelly and multi-instrumentalist Rob Magill.

Eugene Chadbourne is a legendary musician, radio host, writer, and more. Beginning in music in the late 1960’s, Chadbourne experimented with blues, country, bluegrass, free jazz and noise music before fleeing the Vietnam war and ending up in Canada. Once in Canada he produced and hosted a show on Radio Radio 104.5 FM, playing a mix of obscure and remarkable music (104.5FM is now one of the last quasi-Pirate radio stations in Canada).

Over the course of his musical career Eugene Chadbourne has released almost 40 albums, invented his own instruments (“the electric rake”), contributed to Maximum Rock’n’Roll magazine, authored a book on touring networks and how to be an independent musician, and collaborated with John Zorn, Jello Biafra, the Violent Femmes, Camper Van Beethoven, and many more.

Azeem Ward is a recent UCSB graduate with a degree in music. His May 2014 flute recital somehow stirred an internet sensation, especially in Great Britain. He has subsequently toured the UK as part of Azeem X Underbelly, a project that blends Ward’s jazz-flute stylings with the electronic music of recent UCSB student Timmy Linetsky (aka DJ Underbelly). They will be making their last appearance in our area for a while as Ward leaves for graduate school early in 2016.

Rob Magill is an Ojai-based composer/improviser/multi-instrumentalist/singer-song writer. With a half-decade of solo recording, his inspirations draw from 17th-21st century Classical Music, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Delta Blues, Psychedelic Rock, Soul, Post-Hardcore, Punk, American Folk, Indigenous Folk, Noise, Improvised Logics, and so forth.

Showtime is 8pm. The Funzone is at the East Beach Batting Cages in Santa Barbara (226 S. Milpas Street).

Also, stay tuned for Eugene Chadbourne’s live in-studio appearance on “The Freak Power Ticket” the next day, Monday, December 7th, from 11am-12noon, with special-guest co-host Music Professor David Novak (co-director of CISM at UCSB) interviewing this unique voice and interdisciplinary agent of underground/experimental/independent music.