In the latest edition of The KCSBeat, the Santa Barbara Independent‘s column on the whos, whats and whys of KCSB, Colin Marshall sits in on the Friday-night festival of punk and garage rock Face the Music with hosts Jeff Matson and Jason Hallows:

Despite working next door to one another during the day and having significant others who happen to be sisters, most of the hanging out Matson and Hallows do is on the air. This guarantees the quip-trading, kick-back-and-enjoy-some-tracks feel that has become Face the Music’s trademark. The hosts have carved out a place for the kind of radio they’ve always loved but no longer get anywhere else. “I was pumped on KJEE when I first moved here,” Hallows remembered, “but then they got so programmed.” “As far as regular radio,” Matson said, “it’s a done deal. The last time I was stoked on radio was the early 90s, when there was one punk show on KTYD.”

Hallows put his finger on it neatly: “What sucks most about radio these days is, there’s nothing live or dangerous about it.” And Face the Music is certainly one of the most live-feeling shows around, even by KCSB’s standards. Matson and Hallows share records they’re newly thrilled about, they bust out their all-time favorites, they put callers on the air (“sometimes they just hang up”), and they take requests, though, as Hallows remarked, “If it totally sucks, we’ll blow ’em off. But I think people respect that. They call back later asking for something else.”

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