From 11am-2pm, Tuesday, April 5th, KCSB presents Fight Back USA! A National Teach-In: On Austerity, Debt, Corporate Greed (and what YOU can do about it).

An event in two parts, the first segment, from 11am-1230pm, will be a discussion moderated by Frances Fox Piven (professor, CUNY Graduate Center) and Cornel West (professor, Princeton University). According to event organizers, “’60s Style Teach-In Meets the Digital Age in Live Stream Webcast,” which will address the roots of the current economic crisis and what people are doing to fight back.

KCSB will be broadcasting these proceedings live from Judson Memorial Church in New York City. Professors West and Piven will be joined by economist Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University), public policy analyst Heather McGhee (Demos, a non-partisan policy center), and Richard Trumka (president of the AFL-CIO), with activist reports from a Wisconsin student, a homeowner fighting foreclosure and a public school teacher fighting budget cuts, lay-offs and the assault on collective bargaining rights.

The national teach-in is being sponsored in part by the AFL-CIO, American Rights at Work, the Center for Community Change, and many other organizations.

Next, from 1230pm-2pm, KCSB will also be airing live a local discussion featuring students, faculty, workers, and other activists working for equity and grassroots democracy, from UCSB’s MultiCultural Center. This event is one of 180-plus “Do It Yourself Action Strategy Sessions” being organized at campuses and other locations around the country.

All of these teach-ins aim to resist and roll-back the corporate domination of finance, energy, the military, and public resources and institutions, as well as challenging deepening economic inequality.

Regular KCSB programming will be pre-empted today during these hours.