Sycamore Canyon Fire 13 Nov 08 @ 7:00pm

UPDATE (9:20AM): Here are the latest evacuation orders and school closures as issued by the County of Santa Barbara:

Fire Status:
2,000 to 2,500 acres burned
Approximately 100 homes burned
5,446 homes evacuated
More than 500 firefighers
10 injuries from smoke inhalation
3 burn injuries

Schools Closed:
Marymount of Santa Barbara
Cleveland Elementary School
Cold Springs Elementary School
Laguna Blanca Lower Campus
Notre Dame School
All Saints By The Sea Parish
El Montecito School
Star King Parent Child Workshop, Continuing Education
Providence Hall High School
Anacapa School
Montecito Union School District
The Montecito Family YMCA Preschool and Afterschool
Bishop García Diego High School
San Roque Middle School & High School
Crane Country Day School
Caesar Chavez School
Franklin School

Shelter Location:

San Marcos High School
Corner of Turnpike & Hollister
210 people at shelter

Key Phone Numbers:

County Tea Fire Call Center ???? 805/681-5197
Animal Hotline ???? 805/681-4332

Road Closure Information
Road Closure Hotline – 805/568-3006

Evacuation Area
Mandatory evacuation orders are issued for:
North of 192 between Hot Springs and Mission Canyon
All of Sycamore Canyon
North of 192 between Sycamore Canyon and Gibralter Rd.
Hot Springs (eastern boundary) to Tunnel Rd. (western boundary) from
Hwy 192 @ Hot Springs to Barker Pass to Alameda Padre Sierra (southern boundary) to Camino Cielo (northern boundary)
Both sides of Tunnel Rd. above Montrose
Only residents on the east side of Tunnel Rd. below Montrose
Residents on Gibralter Rd. above the west fork of the Cold Springs Trail should evacuate to the North via Camino Cielo. Residents below the west fork should evacuate to the South

Evacuation warnings issued for:
North of 192 from Hot Springs Rd. east to San Ysidro Rd.
Mission Canyon north of Foothill Rd. to Tunnel Rd. westbound on Foothill
to Ontare Rd., Ontare Rd. north of Foothill Rd.
Boardered on the north by Alameda Padre Sierra, on the east by Montecito
St. to Milpas, Milpas to Anapamu, Anapamu to Laguna, and Laguna to Los Olivos, and Los Olivos to Alameda Padre Sierra

UPDATE (12:03AM): The following areas have been added to the mandatory evacuation areas: all residents above Alameda Padre Serra (APS) from Eucalyptus Hill Road to Salinas/5 points area to Tunnel Road and above Hwy 192 between Hot Springs Road and Mission Canyon Rd/Tunnel Road.

UPDATE (10:08PM): Via The Independent: the county is still reporting the following areas as being under mandatory evacuation: Sycamore Canyon and Coyote have been evacuated, Hot Springs Road to Mission Canyon Rad north of 192, Alameda Padre Serra (APS) between Sycamore Canyon and Mission Canyon Road.

The evacuees should go to San Marcos High School at 4750 Hollister Avenue in Goleta.

UPDATE (8:17PM): Mandatory Evacuation Area: Area North of the 192 from Gilbralter Road East to Hot Springs Road

A Red Cross Shelter has been set up at San Marcos High School.

Regarding Animal Evacuations: Call 681-4332 Large Animals can be taken to Gate C at Earl Warren. Small animals 5399 Over Pass Road (off of Patterson) in Goleta.

UPDATE (7:50PM): The fire is on Cold Springs Road. Chris Meagher of The Independent has reported on KCSB-FM that structures in the area have burned, and that parts of Westmont College are on fire. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department is requesting that people DO NOT venture into the area, as traffic leaving Montecito and Alameda Padre Serra is very heavy.

KCSB has received unconfirmed reports that the fire in Sycamore Canyon is 3 to 5 acres and is very close to Westmont College. The Independent is reporting that people living north of Mountain Road or Cold Spring should evacuate now.

KCSB will broadcast additional information as soon as we have it.