We were thinking about a Groundhog Show for February 2, but there just aren’t enough rhymes for Punxsutawney for songwriters to craft enough tunes, we guess. So, as you might have heard, there’s this election going on. To celebrate the first actual votes in the Iowa Caucus, we thought it would be wise to do something with firsts far from politics. Hence, Track One. Turns out about, well, not to be mathematically exact or anything, but all of your favorite songs are the first cut on an album (let’s pretend we’re in a world where there are still albums, children)(that’s almost harder to dream than a democratic socialist winning, no?). We’re going to prove it to you on this week’s show, from Hank Jones to the Hold Steady, from the Masters of Persian Music to Mott the Hoople. In fact, this theme is so fun, we’re probably going to explore it for two weeks.

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Frank 'n' George Track 1, Week 1

Frank ‘n’ George Track 1, Week 1 (Art by Frank Goad)